The Anexas Story

The Anexas Story – By Amitabh Saxena

The Anexas Story- A celebrity talk show. Mumbai. One on one. Shekhar Suman and a balding anxious ball of nerves.

         The Anexas Story I am invited to a beautifully designed set, and there I sit down on a couch, which Shekhar Suman occupies at the other end. I am told that Shekhar would like to have an informal chat with me before they roll the camera into action. The first question he shoots at me is, “Well Amitabh, tell me exactly what do you do!” So cascades the saga that is now The Anexas Story, a story of entrepreneurship by a man who didn’t know how to go about it until he made things simple and doable for himself. Of trials, tribulations and the art of not giving in. Amitabh Saxena gives it to you like only he can with his pithy humor, his ability to tell good stories and beautiful nuggets to being entrepreneurs all over the book. In essence, a business fable that’s a story too. The Anexas story  isn’t a typical story of an entrepreneur, rather, this is a story of a man who became an accidental entrepreneur and led many others onto the path of success. From humble beginnings in a village in Madhya Pradesh to having a company that is spread across the world, Amitabh Saxena is a man to whom there is more than meets the eye. His journey is one of taking unusual risks and being determined at avenues where everyone else would have backed off. Who would’ve thought to divulge Six Sigma Training in Saudi Arabia back in 2007?! But that’s the genius of Amitabh, he sees opportunities where others see problems.  This is the story of Anexas, but as Amitabh says, ‘This isn’t just my story, it can your story too!’

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