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The Anexas Story

The Anexas Story
- By Amitabh Saxena

Anexas Story

The Anexas Story
- By Amitabh Saxena

The Anexas Story

The Anexas Story
- By Amitabh Saxena

A celebrity talk show. Mumbai. One on one. Shekhar Suman and a balding anxious ball of nerves.

         I am invited to a beautifully designed set, and there I sit down on a couch, which Shekhar Suman occupies at the other end. I am told that Shekhar would like to have an informal chat with me before they roll the camera into action. The first question he shoots at me is, “Well Amitabh, tell me exactly what do you do!”

And so cascades the saga that is now The Anexas Story, a story of entrepreneurship by a man who didn’t know how to go about it until he made things simple and doable for himself. Of trials, tribulations and the art of not giving in.

Amitabh Saxena gives it to you like only he can with his pithy humor, his ability to tell good stories and beautiful nuggets to being entrepreneurs all over the book.

In essence, a business fable that’s a story too.  

The Anexas story isn’t a typical story of an entrepreneur, rather, this is a story of a man who became an accidental entrepreneur and led many others onto the path of success. From humble beginnings in a village in Madhya Pradesh to having a company that is spread across the world, Amitabh Saxena is a man to whom there is more than meets the eye. His journey is one of taking unusual risks and being determined at avenues where everyone else would have backed off. Who would’ve thought to divulge Six Sigma Training in Saudi Arabia back in 2007?! But that’s the genius of Amitabh, he sees opportunities where others see problems. A completely untapped market ripe for the taking helped him move to Dubai, Denmark, Thailand, UK, Russia, Philippines and more! The purpose of his story isn’t to be another success story languishing on the shelves but an attempt to help people understand how to tackle and come back even when all seems lost. Through this book, he hopes to share his trials, tribulations and the wonderful and unexpected successes life can thrust upon you. This is the story of Anexas, but as Amitabh says, ‘This isn’t just my story, it can be your story too!’

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An inspiring book to motivate people to be self-employed. Written as a story in an easy to read format.

- Varsha Saxena

It's an amazing book for people who wants to become an entrepreneur. One of the best book which I've read. I would highly recommend this book.

- Naveen Chandra

It is indeed a wonderful book I've read in the recent build up one's own personality ..I would highly recommend this book for all the youngsters.

- Rajesh Gladson

Very interesting. This book was very well written. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a guide to the future.

- Gopika Nair

It's an amazing book for all the entrepreneurs to grow as a better individual in the society while heading towards the success.

- Gopika Chowdary

This is an inspiring book for those who want to become an entrepreneur. Definitely a must read book. go for it

- Ashwini Achu Akshay

This is a wonderful book to read. Will suggest you to go with this. Must read

- Wadgire Pooja

An amazing book which guides and inspires the hidden entrepreneur in every one. Life is a pool of opportunities and The Anexas Story takes you through the untrodden paths to drive you towards success.

- Aravind Naidu

Inspiring story full of changes . Good motivation for young generation to startup own business.

- Jayashree Arun

About The Author

Amitabh Saxena

Amitabh Saxena

Amitabh Saxena is the founder of Anexas, a premium consulting company with group companies registered in India, Denmark, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. A Chemical engineer and MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai with thirty years of experience, he spent his first sixteen years in corporates like Bharat Petroleum, Indorama Ventures, KPMG, AXA, Deutsche Bank, Maersk and Riyadh Bank before founding Anexas. He and his team have consulted more than five hundred multinationals worldwide in Process Excellence and have trained approximately a hundred thousand professionals over the last decade. The improvement projects completed by Anexas have saved millions of dollars for its clients spread across five continents. Amitabh is a humorist and poet too. He lives with his parents, wife and teenage children in Bangalore, India; when he is not flying all across the world consulting clients.

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